Well, here's a summary of my original Tae Kwon Do career. My instructor through all of this was Chris Lane (sorry, I forget his formal ranks but he had multiple degrees in both Tae Kwon Do and Hap Ki Do). All tests were given by Master Nam K. Hyong.

----		----		------------
White		10th Gup	December 1978
Yellow		9th Gup		February 10, 1979
Gold		8th Gup		April 10, 1979
Orange		7th Gup		June 16, 1979
Green		6th Gup		August 18, 1979
Blue		5th Gup		October 20, 1979
Purple		4th Gup		December 1, 1979
Brown		3rd Gup		January 25, 1980
Red I		2nd Gup		April 26, 1980
Red II		1st Gup		June 28, 1980
Red/Black	Provisional	October 18, 1980 (9th Birthday)
Black		1st Dan		October 9, 1982

May 12, 1979 - (age 7) - 1st Place, Central AAU Sparring Contest
	Mini-Pee-Wee Lightweight Beginner Division (ages 7-8)

April 19, 1980 - (age 8) - 3rd Place, Central AAU Sparring Contest
	Mini-Pee-Wee Lightweight Advanced Division (ages 8-10)

June 28, 1981 - (age 9) - Central AAU Junior Olympic Qualification
	1st Place -   8-9 year old Black Belt Division (Sparring)
	2nd Place - 10-11 year old Black Belt Division (Poomsae)

August 21, 1982 - (age 10) - National Junior Olympics
	4th Place - 10-11 year old Black Belt Division (Poomsae)

And I haven't done much since. :( Yes, I really was only 10 years old when I received my black belt. Currently, I'm working out with Sung Lee Tae Kwon Do here on campus. Regaining my flexibility, technique, etc. after more than a decade is quite a challenge, let me tell you.

I originally learned the Tae Keuk series of poomsae and a few from the Palgae series. Now I'm working to re-learn all of Tae Keuk, learn Palgae, and learn the series that is taught in Sung Lee, which I'm unsure of the name. Hwa-rang is one of the poomsaes in that series, if that helps... Having a great time doing it too! If you have any questions about Sung Lee Tae Kwon Do, PLEASE feel free to ask.