Pricing information

I've changed my mind about how to distribute GS/TCP, I think this time it will stick.

GS/TCP Starter's Kit	$??.??
	tcpip		(GNO executable, main TCP/IP stack)
	GSTCP		(CDEV, simple configuration)
	SLIP		(CDEV, network driver and configuration)
	ifconfig	(GNO executable, network interface tool)
	netstat		(GNO executable, network statistic tool)
	ping		(GNO executable, ICMP echo tool)
	telnet		(GNO executable, TCP communications program)
	TCPSnooper	(CDA, like netstat)

GS/TCP LocalTalk Kit	$??.??
	MacIP		(CDEV, network driver and configuration)

GS/TCP Utilities	$??.??
- ported utilities
	ftp		(GNO executable, from BSDi sources)
	inetd		(GNO executable, from BSDi sources)
	www		(GNO executable, from CERN sources)
- development libraries and headers
	ldbnet		(ORCA/C library, for DNS lookup)
Pricing for the Utilities disk will basically cover distribution, as most of the material on it is copyright by other parties. The kits are my own creations, with the exception being parts of the tcpip kernel which came from Douglas Comer's XINU operating system. You are purchasing the large number of changes to that code.


Sorry, not yet. I need to get a new version of GNO out the door first.
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