Connect your Apple IIgs to the Internet!

GS/TCP allows you to access the internet via TCP/IP using either SLIP (IP over serial lines) or MacIP (IP over localtalk). A PPP interface is currently being completed.

GS/TCP supports a standard BSD socket interface, making it very easy to write your own network applications or port existing ones from widely available sources. Both ftp and inetd programs available for GS/TCP were compiled with ORCA/C directly from the BSDi sources with very few code changes!

GS/TCP supports multiple simultaneous interfaces (just like a real Unix machine) and has support for IP Multicast (beat that, MacTCP!). Standard unix utils like ifconfig and netstat are used to configure and monitor interface paramaters on the fly.

System Requirements

GS/TCP requires GNO 2.0.6 or higher to run. This means most current GNO users will have to upgrade before they can use GS/TCP. Several critical scheduling bugs have been fixed in GNO since 2.0.5, and BSD socket support has been added which GS/TCP uses to communicate with applications.

I personally recommend that your GS have at least 4MB of RAM, but GS/TCP will probably work just fine in 2MB or less (as long as you can get GNO running, you should be OK).

New on this web page!

I have a working port of PPP as well as a working text Web Browser for the GS!

Take a look at a screen shot of my graphical Web Browser for the GS!

Additional Information

This web page is under construction. For further information, comments, or requests, please contact:
Derek Taubert / e-mail: